The Gentleman Colin Dietrich.

Colin Dietrich

>>> Welcome to my personal website. This space is primarily a way to record things I've made and stuff I enjoy doing in my spare time. The best way to contact me is moc.hcirteidniloc@enilno.


>>> My professional profile is available on LinkedIn: View Colin  Dietrich's profile on LinkedIn
>>> Having some fun making things with Python and Arduino. A good primer is John Hughes' book.
>>> Helping start a group in Ballard to promote Neighborhood Greenways. See Ballard Greenways on Facebook for more!
>>> I can often be found riding around the North West mountains and kayaking in Puget Sound. See you out there...


>>> An Arctic Tern sea kayak kit from Pygmy Boats. A build gallery is here.
>>> Electric conversion of a Hyundai Excel. A short description and a few pictures.
This project was the conversion of a gasoline powered car to electric drive.
A few specs:
  • Prestolite 18 HP Series DC motor
  • Curtis 1221B controller
  • 96 volt battery pack, comprised of 16 Trojan deepcycle batteries
  • DC to DC converter for 12 volt system
  • Maximum range approximately 40 miles
  • Average 5 kWh recharge overnight
Useful references during the project:
>>> Electric Toyota MR2 silent chain transmission. An undergrad design project.
>>> Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine after the book by James R. Senft.
>>> Hybrid Electric Race Car control system, Viking 23 at WWU.
>>> Experiments with Cryogenic Energy Storage for my Senior Project.

>>> Parser and analyzer for the Sparkfun Kinetamap. Source code on bitbucket.